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About me

My name is Anne Borchers, born on 01.12.1991. Together with my family I live in Leps (Saxony-Anhalt, Germany)

Already at 9 years I discovered Motocross as a passion. Even in the year 2001 I raced my first race in Westerhausen.

My discipline, my ambition and my strength of purpose should enable me to achieve my objectives. The support from my family and friends makes it possible for me to focus completely on my sport.

One of my biggest success is the 5th place in the FIM Women's World Championship(WMX) and, of course, the title win in the German Ladies Cup.


Name: Anne Borchers
Location: Leps, Saxony-Anhalt, Germany
Date of birth: 01.12.1991

Team: Johannes-Bikes Suzuki
Bike: Suzuki RMZ 250
Member: MSC Teutschenthal


2012 5th WMX
2013 6th WMX, 1st Ladies Cup
2014 8th WMX, 2nd Ladies Cup
2015 20th WMX (injury)
2016 7th WMX, 2nd Ladies Cup

Races 2016

FIM Women`s World Championship
FIM Women`s European Championship
Ladies Cup
ADAC MX Masters

WM 2017

05.03. INDONESIA Pangkal Pinang
16.04. ITALY Maggiora
28.05. FRANCE Ernée
23.07. CZECH REP. Loket
13.08. SWITZERLAND Frauenfeld/Gachnang
10.09. NETHERLANDS Assen

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